Beautiful post. I especially loved the reasonable and level approach to algorithms, and the ways of describing that quiet external voice we all have as a "ping from the universe" and a "whisper of intuition". Thank you.

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this was a heart warming read, thank you both <3 I am inspired and my spirit feels rejuvenated/ my heart is full as i read on with wondrous eyes ~ I know that this will bring some meaningful explorations into my life, I will circle back to share when I notice them in the moment ✨

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“Remember that creativity can be about removing things just as much as adding things…”

Yes to this.

If you’re possessed of the co-creative faculty then make a happy mess-

Now- clean it up!

Notice it is not entirely gone

because some of it was/is beautiful.

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this was a heart warming read, and i feel so inspired <3 they will bubble up as meaninful explorations in my life and i'll circle back to share how they manifested ✨

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